Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well, surprise I am posting on by blog. I don't know how to put any pictures on but I hate my pictures anyway. I do love them of my family and other things though so I will try to learn. I need Taigen's help. Let me think, what have I been doing for the last 6 months. Oh yeah, eating bon, bons. We had a great summer. It started out with moving Ryan and Taryn to Ohio. Scott was feeling pretty well so we took a couple extra weeks off Chemo and piled in the Penske truck and white car and headed out. What an amazing trip. I absolutly loved being with my family for 2 weeks. I loved eating with them, sitting in a car with them, sleeping in the same room with them, driving hours upon hours with them and sharing 4 towels with them. After dropping stuff off at Ohio, we headed to Chicago to meet up with Sam and Kyrsten. So much fun. We went to Wrigley's feild, Chicago pizza, the broadway play, Wicked (which was the best) and then down to Navuoo. What a great trip. Best part was that we got to fly home.

We also went to Island Park with Scott's family. So fun and Bear Lake with my family. Love that lake. I kept busy with girls camp, youth confernence and altogether Young Women. Scott has been feeling pretty good at this point. We still do Chemo treatments every 3 weeks. Scott did go back to work starting August 21. He is loving being back with the students. He is exhausted when he gets home and pretty much goes to bed by 8:00 pm. but it is good for him. The last xrays showed a little progression on his omentum (lining of his stomach). So we took xrays again about 3 weeks ago and it still showed some progression. The doctor felt like it was not enough to change treatment and medication, which Scott had already informed me that he was not going to anyway since he was back teaching and Basketball was starting in 2 weeks. The other meds seem to make him so much sicker. We were kind of surprised that things had changed because it had been about a year since anything had changed. We are still doing good though. We still believe that all will be well and just need to be patient and live worthy to receive the blessing that are in store for us. It is Heavenly Father's hands. He knows us and loves us.

I started my wedding business in January with Jena Herruds wedding and Talia Cotant's. Since then, things have gone crazy. I usually have about 2-3 weddings a month and I really love it. I am still teaching pre school but this will definately be my last year. I have also started another business call Bumbles interchangable jewelry. I bought the fanchise about a month ago and it has really taken off. You can look at the jewelry on their web at the jewelry doesn't look as cut on the web site but it is really fun. All of the watch bands can be taken off and changed to match what you are wearing. I have been having open houses and parties galore. Then at the end of September I was released from Young Women President in my ward and put in as 1st counc. to the Stake Young Women. I thought it might be less busy, but we have been doing alot of things, Stake opening social, leadership training, stake firesides, dances, stake priest/laurel acitivities and lots of YW in excell. meetings. I do love it though. The women that I work with are amazing. We are all very much alike and get along very well. We are starting to plan camp for next year. That will be a riot.

We have been to alot of Football games lately. Jace is doing amazing. He has been playing wide receiver and is doing great. Last week he was named player of the game. He caught two touchdown passes and had some great hits and punt returns. He is really loving it. Taigen is cheering the Rams on. She is doing great too. They have been performing at alot of the games and assemblies. She does a great job. We love having Sam and Kyrsten back home and cannot wait till December 12 when Ryan and Taryn come home. We miss them so much but know they are where they are supposed to be. Ok. That was alot of months in a short time. So much more is going on but it is all just life. And once in awhile it feels some what normal. We just take each day at a time. We are happy and blessed. I love my husband so much and know this is a hard trial he is going through but we have each other and our family and all of our brothers and sisters and some most amazing parents who love and support us. Thanks.


Taryn said...

Great post Mom! I love you!

Ty and Em said...

Yay, Joni! We really DO love you guys!

Sam and Kyrsten said...

im glad you finally posted. it was wonderful! its good to hear your positive attitude with life! i love you! hope we can get a chance to chat longer than 3 minutes! :)

Taigen said...

i'm so proud :]
i love you so much!

Mark and Sherri said...

Just finished listening to the Highland/Skyline Game. Jace did great...heard his name a lot on the radio! Just found your it. Call me and I'll help you with the picture thing. Check ours out at
We love you guys and think you have a pretty awesome son (and daughters too). Hope Scott is feeling good..we think of him often. You are the greatest!
Love Ya....